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Daishan 岱山(pinyin: Dài Shān) is not Taishan 泰山(pinyin: Tài Shān), mount TaiShan (sometimes called DaiShan too), see wikipedia: Mount Tai!

Daishan 岱山 is the name of the island, GaoTing 高亭 is the name of the main city.

How to go to Daishan (from Shanghai)

The travel is in two steps: first bus from Nanpu bridge to Yangshan, second boat from Yangshan to Daishan.
ShanghaiBus tripYangShanBoat tripDaishan
~1:10wait: ~20 minutesspeed boat: ~1:10
normal: ~2:00

Buy the ticket: Shanghai to Daishan

Ticket covers both bus and boat.

Where: Nanpu bridge station
Subway line 4 station Nanpu bridge, cross the street, inside of big bus station
When: max 3 days before take the boat
Warning: the ticket can only be taken 3 days in advance, boat may not travel because of rain, sea, fog, typhoon...
ticket (Daishan to Shanghai) need to be bought in Daishan (if stays more than 2 days)
How much: around 100 Yuan per person
(shanghai to daishan, same for backtrip, so ~200 for roundtrip)

The ticket office is not the "tourist office" in orange building. It is the next building, more... chinese, less touristic.
Only cashier number 3 for Daishan.

There are two kind of boat: speed boats and normal boats.
The speed boat only takes passengers: Normal boat also takes cars:
Shanghai / 上海 Yangshan / 洋山 Daishan / 岱山 Arrival place Total time Boat type
7:058:4510:45Desert / NoWhere3:40Normal boat
7:309:2010:30City / GaoTing3:00Speed boat
9:3011:2013:20Desert / NoWhere3:50Normal boat
14:3016:2017:30City / GaoTing3:00Speed boat
15:3017:2019:20Desert / NoWhere3:50Normal boat

Tickets look like that:

It says:
蓬莱客运轮船有限公司 蓬莱 company for transport boat
南浦大桥->上海 Nanpu bridge to Daisan
2009年04月04日 4th of April 2009
单价: Y 105.00 (全) 105 Yuan (adult)
普通舱 198座 place 198
上车: 南浦大桥 Bus departure at Nanpu bridge
开车: 14:30 Bus departure at 14:30
上船:小洋山 boat departure at (small) YangShan
开船:16:20 boat departure at 16:20

How to sleep in Daishan (Hotel)

Hotel, hotel, hotel.
Price: around 300 Yuan for a 2 persons room (chinese style: 2 beds)
Just tell us, we have familiy working in hotel!

On the (google) way

View Daishan (ShangHai, YangShan) in a larger map

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Same in Google Earth (kml file)

How to go back from Daishan to Shanghai

The travel is in two steps: first boat from Daishan to Yangshan second bus from Yangshan to Nanpu bridge.
DaishanBoat tripYangShanBus tripShanghai
speed boat: ~1:10
normal: ~2:00
no wait~1:10
Buy ticket at Daishan port.
Price: around 100 Yuan.
Arrived at Yangshan, there are 3-4 busses waiting for passengers leaving boat (no waiting time).

Time table

Warning: around 18:00, there can be traffic jam around Shanghai, so the bus may be late.
Port Daishan / 岱山 Yangshan / 洋山 Shanghai / 上海 Total timeBoat type
City / GaoTing7:358:5010:302:55Speed boat
Desert / NoWhere8:3010:4012:103:40Normal boat
Desert / NoWhere14:2016:3018:003:40Normal boat
City / GaoTing14:5016:0017:402:50Speed boat
Desert / NoWhere16:5018:5020:203:30Normal boat

Tickets look like

Get 2 tickets: 1 for the boat, 1 for the bus.
Boat ticket:

Bus ticket:

What to do in Daishan

That's China!